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Published: Wednesday, 27 January 2016
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Melbourne V Fremantle - Tio Stadium - Saturday 7/7/18 
Hello True Believers,
On the back of three successive defeats, the boys travelled to TIO Stadium last Saturday to meet the Dockers desperately needing to notch a big win to boost confidence and percentage.
According to the players, the conditions were more conducive to a wet day at the "G". The level of play certainly supported this view with players on both sides dropping simple marks and being unable to execute basic hand and foot skills. The margin at half time was only nineteen points however with the Demons having  14 more scoring shots (5.15 45 to 4.2 26) it was clearly Fremantle's accuracy keeping them in the contest.
The game was going to be won by the side who could  establish a winning break in the conditions. With Melbourne dominating contested possession and centre clearances, they extended their lead to  31points at the final change  (9.18 72 to 6.5 41) and never looked like being headed from that point forward. Whilst the final margin of 54 points  (13.24 102 to 7.6 48)  was a comfortable win in the end, the amazing statistic of 78 to 28 inside 50's probably should have seen a winning margin in the region of three figures and the Dockers coach Ross Lyon  openly admitted the same.
Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver and Angus Brayshaw continued their stellar seasons however the biggest positive to come out of the game was the performance of Christian Petracca who had received some deserved criticism regarding the consistency of his work commensurate to his undoubted ability. "Tracks" responded  with a 28 possession effort and more importantly a willingness to stay involved in the contest more often. We hope this game will represent the norm rather than the exception going forward.
This week the mighty Demons face the Western Bulldogs at 2.35pm WST at the "G" on Saturday, 14/7/18. As  usual the Western Demons will hold a TV function to view the match at the Paddington Hotel, 144 Scarborough Beach Road in Mount Hawthorn. We  cordially  invite all Melbourne supporters to meet there and drown the place in blue and red as we enjoy good fellowship in cheering the boys to a  gargantuan victory and continue our ascent towards a top four position.
We  look forward to seeing you all there!!!!
Yours  DEElightedly
The DEEScriber
PS - Can anyone remember the last time three sets of brothers played in an AFL game before last Saturday as we had the Mcdonalds, the Brayshaws and the Hills. Sounds like a three  way feud !!

Power cuts Demons from Top Four
Hello True Believers,
Despite dominating clearances and inside 50's. the Demons again failed to capitalise by  way of the scoreboard  losing their only Friday night game of the campaign by ten points. Final scores were Port Adelaide 11.9 (75) to Melbourne 9.11 (65). North Melbourne remain the only top eight credentialed team that the Dees have beaten in 2018 and the team's apparent inability to rise to the occasion when facing better opposition remains a DEEp concern.
The team skipped way early against Port to lead by 14 points at the first change (3.5 (23) to 1.3 (9) predominantly by denying the Power access to the corridor. This tactic proved to be very effective in so much as Port scored their only goal for the first term  right on the quarter time siren.
The second and third terms proved to be an arm wrestle with both sides struggling to achieve an advantage which could lead to victory and although the Demons held a 20 point lead at once stage, this was whittled away to eight points  by three quarter time courtesy of a fortuitous mark to Lindsay Thomas inside 50 and a goal to Justin Westhoff  (why do we always seem to run  this guy into form???????) leaving the contest up for grabs at the commencement of the final stanza, scores being Melbourne 9.9 (63 ) to Port 8.7 (55).
With Wines, Gray and Westhoff rising to the occasion , Port kicked three goals in the final stanza whist holding the Dees goalless to record a hard fought ten point victory.
Viney, Brayshaw and Oliver dominated the centre with 31 and 28 (2) possessions respectively whist Tommy McDonald gave the side a pivotal target inside forward 50 with 3 goals.
Dropping to sixth position on the ladder proved a costly loss however this sees  the Demons with an opportunity to bounce back and re set  as they face St Kilda at the "G" on Sunday 1./718 commencing at 11.10am WST.
As usual we call on all those whose hearts beat for the Red and Blue to join us at the Home of The Demons in WA , The Paddington Alehouse- 144 Scarborough Beach Road - MOUNT HAWTHORN and cheer the boys on to a massive percentage boosting win.
DEE you all there!!!
Yours DEEterminedly
The DEEScriber

Demons DEErailed by hot pies
Hello true believers,
After six consecutive victories against what must be said as mediocre opposition, it is an extremely bitter pill to swallow that given a finals type crowd of 83,000, an opportunity to grab second spot on the ladder and a perfect chance to inflict some long simmering revenge against the team that denied us a finals spot in 2017, the side ONCE AGAIN failed to embrace expectation!!!
The team appeared too "top heavy" inside forward 50 with Hogan, Pedersen and McDonald (at various stages) all up front. Our boys appeared to allow Collingwood to dictate the pace of the game all day. At no stage did the side keep possession , lower the pace of the game  and try to "poke holes" in the Pies defence.
Melbourne trailed at quarter time by 23 points, 5.5 (35) to 2.0 (12) and to be honest never looked like bridging the gap. Whenever the Demons threatened, Collingwood had an immediate answer and eventually recorded a solid victory by 42 points 20.13 (133) to 14.7 (91)
Special mention must be made of Tommy McDonald who played a lone hand up front with 6 goals,  Joel Smith (Shaun's boy) who stuck manfully to his task on Mason Cox and will benefit enormously from the experience and Charlie Spargo who despite a quiet first quarter played especially well after the first break . He set a standard in persistent work ethic that a lot of his teammates could have done well to emulate.
There are however some questions that need to be addressed such as:
1) - If we play Pedersen as the back up ruckman to Max it must be off the bench. We cannot play Hogan, McDonald and Pedersen inside forward 50 simultaneously as this disrupts the matchups. Either Jesse orTommy must  take on the second ruck  mantle within the side. This means that unless Cam can reinvent himself with the team dynamic, his opportunities at the elite level going forward may be over.
2) - We cannot continue to play Jordan Lewis off half back.We desperately  lack genuine pace in the side and each game allocated to Lewis continues to cripple the development of Jayden Hunt. Jordan needs to realise that there is no point getting plenty of the ball if you continue to turn it over!!!
3) - Expectation against better credentialed opposition  continues to hamper the team's development. Losses to Hawthorn (67), Richmond (49) and now Collingwood (42) suggest that unless the Dee's can absorb and then apply pressure their finals appearance may be fleeting.
This week the boys take on Port Adelaide at the Adelaide Oval in our only Friday night game of the year. The game commences at 5.20pm WST and as usual we call on all supporters to gather at The Paddington Alehouse at 141 Scarborough Beach Road MT HAWTHORN to cheer the side on to a big win against the Power.
See you all there!!!
Yours with some DEEsappointment but never DEESpondant
THe DEEScriber

Melbourne V Western Bulldogs - Etihad Stadium - Saturday June 2nd 2018 
Hello True Believers,
After superb percentage boosting wins against Gold Coast (69 points), Carlton (109 points) and a huge statement to the rest of the competition in belting one of the better credentialed  teams in Adelaide (91 points) the Dees returned to Melbourne to face the Western Bulldogs on Saturday June 2nd.
Knowing as we all do the propensity to fail in backing up after a noteworthy effort, it initially appeared that we would suffer another embarrassment as the Dogs bounced out of  the blocks kicking the first three goals of the game. The team eventually settled however and worked themselves back into the contest to trail by only three points at quarter time, 3.4 (22) to 3.1 (19).
Unfortunately a seemingly innocuous change in direction by Jake Lever early in the game  forced him to leave and subsequent scans revealed a ruptured ACL which will necessitate a knee reconstruction and the end to his 2018 campaign. Wretched luck for the young man who was beginning to settle in as the teams centre half back. We wish him a speedy rehabilitation.
Gus Brayshaw (39 disposals) together with Neville Jetta (without doubt his best game for the side and a certainty for All Australian surely!!) and Jesse Hogan (5 goals)/ Tom McDonald (4 goals) were the standout performers on the day. Hogan and McDonald are proving to be the equal of Josh Kennedy/Jack Darling in terms of a forward 50 potent combination and the round 22 confrontation at Optus has fans of both sides salivating in expectation..
The Demons greater spread in goalkicking power proved too much for the Dogs in the end and they eventually skipped away to a solid victory of 49 points winning 15.10 (100) to 7.9 (51).
Co-skipper Nathan Jones celebrated his 250th game in this match so it was especially satisfying that the side could deliver a victory for him. No too long ago he was the only shining light in our team's efforts to become a decent combination so to see him enjoying his footy and playing in a team which will smash the final hoodoo and has a real chance of going deep into September is no less than the "great man" deserves.
This week the side face "the old enemy" at the "G" on Monday 11th June 2018. This will be the fourth BIG FREEZE and with all eighteen coaches facing the slide it is hoped that an enormous amount of money is raised towards a cure for the "beast". As we all know our previous league coach Neale Danniher suffers from this affliction and we encourage all the Demon faithful to dig deep. Remember that no amount is too small!!
The Western Demons will hold a TV function for this game at 1.20pm at the Paddington Alehouse, 141 Scarborough Beach Road MOUNT HAWTHORN. See if you can get a half day off, pop down for lunch and more importantly cheer the guys on to a THUMPING win. If Port Adelaide can manage an upset on the Friday preceeding our game, we will be playing for second spot so the stakes a high!!
Look forward to seeing you all at the Paddo on Monday. GO YOU GOOD THINGS!!!!!!!!!
Yours hoping for a Magpie DEEstruction,
The Deescriber.
PS - On behalf of Melbourne supporters Australia wide our heartiest congratulations to David Neitz on his election to the AFL Hall of Fame recently. Although his cv missed that elusive flag his record games (306) together with accolades as most games as captain, most goals and Coleman Medallist 1981 (81 goals) highlight an impressive cv non the less. Congratulation on a stellar career big fella!!!
Hello true believers,
Melbourne v Carlton
After solid wins against Essendon (36 points), St Kilda (39 points) and a terrific percentage booster against Gold Coast (69 points), dare we  suggest that just maybe our boys are beginning to grasp the basics of embracing expectation by simply decimating the Blues last week  by 109 points.
Ironically the Demons last 100 point win was back in 2004 (also against Carlton) however the first term of this contest initially gave no indication of  the shellacking that was to come as the Dees held a mere three point lead at quarter time ,  scores being 3.4 (22) to 3.1 (19).
From the first break however, the floodgates opened with the boys having twelve separate goalscorers. Jake Melksham (5 goals) and Tom McDonald/Alex Neal-Bullen (each 4 goals) lead the goal fest and once a massive percentage booster was on the cards, the team applied the "killer" blow scoring 22.5 (137) to 4.7 (31)  after quarter time to win 25.9 (159) to 7.8 (50).
The side now travel to Traeger Park in Alice Springs to tackle one of  the competition's better credentialed teams in Adelaide on Sunday 27th May at 1.00pm WST
As both WA teams are also playing on this day, we have arranged for our TV function to be held at The Irish Club of WA located at 64 Townsend Road in Subiaco. We call upon all Melbourne supporters to gather at 1.00pm  this Sunday 27th May to help cheer the boys to victory as we search for win number seven and in doing so help to secure our top four spot (The club currently sits third).
(PS - On behalf of all Melbourne supporters our heartfelt thanks go out to Peter Jackson who has decided to retire and therefore step away from the club  as its CEO. We cannot express our gratitude enough for the hard work Peter has given to ensure that the off field set up of our beloved club is now set in stone and  will be the cornerstone of all endeavours both on and off field in future. Our  next flag will indelibly be marked with Peter's contribution and we wish him well in his retirement)
See you at The Irish Club!!!
Yours Deelightedly
The Deescriber


The Dee's have been able to deliver four quarter games the last few weeks which has seen them step up to 3rd spot on the ladder. I think that gives us cause to celebrate ... Go Dees !

rnd 9 2018

West Dees

Melbourne V Richmond Round 5 - April 24th - MCG -   5.25pm WST

Hello True believers,
If our beloved Demons had any conceptions about their top four aspirations, they were well and truly delivered a reality check by the reigning premiers on Anzac Eve at the "G". 
Melbourne followed the lead of the Tigers by starting with a smaller forward setup (ie Melksham, Kent, Garlett, Neal-Bullen etc) with Jesse Hogan continuing his role initially as a high half forward but lacked the class and poise to maximise their inside forward 50's.
The side trailed by 3, 20 and 19 points at quarter, half and three quarter time respectively and whilst the Dees had their moments of momentum, they failed to capitalise on them. When the Tigers decided to put Melbourne "to the sword" by piling on 7 goals to three in the final stanza, the Demons had no answer and finally succumbed  disappointingly by 46 points. Final scores were Richmond 15.12 (102) to Melbourne 8.8 (56) in front of a crowd of just over 77,000.
SUMMARY - Whilst Max dominated in the ruck with 56 tap outs , our midfield were comprehensively outpointed and on numerous occasions  the Tigers sharked the knocks. Jake Melksham played a lone hand up forward with 4 of our 8 goals and Dean Kent's wretched run with injury continued with a hamstring strain ruling out of the game at the half,
Some of the side's more glaring  deficiencies that were painfully obvious as the game wore on were:
1) - No spread by our players (ie offering leads) across the board emanating from inconsistent application of work ethic
2) - The team is very lazy and displays no work ethic/pressure when they do not have the ball
3) - Our leadership group is impotent in adversity
The side can no longer afford the luxury of playing Jesse as a high forward ( wasn't it three Anzac Eve's ago that he played on Rance and took him to the cleaners?- why wasn't that tried again?) especially as the team has had 100 inside 50's in the last two games for a paltry return of 14 goals.
This week, our boys play Essendon at Etihad at 11.10am on Sunday 29/4/18 WST at the Paddington Alehouse (141 Scarborough Beach Road MT HAWTHORN) and we invite all supporters to meet, enjoy good fellowship and cheer the boys on to a much needed, confidence boosting win and in doing so level the ledger to 3-3. See you there!!!
(PS - Given that we are struggling for a tall option inside 50 to take a  grab and convert, can anyone tell me why Cam Pedersen who booted 5 goals as a key forward for Casey last week STILL cannot get a game?)
Yours slightly DEEmoralised
The DEEscriber


What was a blistering start against Hawthorn just turned out to being blistered by the Hawks. There will need to be some bandaids applied to the game plan if we are to get up over Richmond for the Rnd 5 ANZAC clash at the G. 

The day started well for Melbourne though when the wet conditions set in it was Hawthorn's day. Hawthorn's luck changed in the second quarter and the Dees luck had run out ; they just could not quite string it together. There were some dubious umpiring decisions which made hawthorn look untouchable and aided there re-entry into the game THOUGH  this factor set aside there was still poor execution to goal by the Dee's and they did give away some careless frees also. Hawthorn unfortunately just played the wet a whole lot better than Melbourne, held marks and were stylish around the packs.

It is still  early in the season and we still have a Viney & McDonald in waiting. If the Dees can keep injury free, nail a game plan and keep on improving then we have to keep the faith. It's a long season still ahead and football will always be football - don't pretend you know what exactly what lies ahead for all 18 teams.

Reset Dees - You can do it !

RND 3 - DEF NTH 18.15 (123) to 13.8 (86) 

Hello TRUE Believers,
To quote (partially) that great Etta James soul classic of the 1950's, "At Last our victory has come along" although the first quarter did not seem likely that we would break the duck with North kicking the first  four goals of the game. However, our Demons of 2018 are made of stern stuff and with big Max Gawn dominating centre clearances and Tomas Bugg lively with two goals, the boys steadied and only faced a thirteen point deficit at quarter time, scores being 5.33 (33) to 3.2 (20)
The second stanza began with Gawn continuing to give the midfield an armchair ride. Salem and Lewis (despite Madjak Daw's bump) gathered possessions at will and delivered with poise and precision to allow Garlett, Kent and Bugg to hit the scoreboard with maximum effect. Whilst Brown strove manfully to provide a target up forward for North, half time came with the demons enjoying a nine point lead, 9.7 (61) to 8.4 (52)
The herculean performance of Max Gawn continued after the major break evoking memories of the great Jim Stynes as he simply was involved in everything! His teammates got on board sensing that this was the best opportunity to eradicate the seventeen match stigma the club had faced and with  Jones, Oliver, Petracca and Frtisch all kicking  goals  the boys led by nineteen points 12.13 (85) to 10.6 (66).
With the cub sensing our ice breaking victory was close,  the team pressured early in the fourth quarter and early goals to Bugg (his fourth), Vince, Garlett and Lewis stamped the clubs' authority on the game and our boys finally ran our solid winners 18.15 (123) to 13.8 (86), a margin of thirty seven points.
The effort was extremely even over the course of the day and no player could have been accused of not contributing however Max's magnificent 18 possession and 50 tap outs, Jesse Hogan's 26 possession performance and Dean Kent's first up effort of 20 possessions and 3 goals are particularly noteworthy.
This week the Demons take on Hawthorn at the "G" at 1.20pm WST on Sunday 15/4/18 and as usual the Western Demons will meet at the Paddington Alehouse (141 Scarborough Beach Road - MT HAWTHORN) and the team MUST build on last week in an effort to shore up a top four spot.
We look forward to a massive crowd to witness the plucking of the Hawks- Go the mighty Demons and see you at the Paddo!!
Yours with Deelief (relief)
The Deescriber  

** The Dees break the RooVooDoo  **

There would not have been one Melbourne supporter today after the first quarter who would not have thought ' oooohh here we go again '. The next three quarters saw the Dees execute a game that represented the essence of what AFL is. A game of pressure, perseverence, and hard grit. The Dees knew they had to bring their pressure game today and they did ... after the first quarter ;)  The last two weeks have seen the Demons manage to reset later into games, hold strong to their style and win. It has been admirable how the Dees have lifted when required and been able to keep their red legs running to the end.  Credit due where credit is due at the final siren - the Dees as a team broke the 17 game voodoo that the Roos had over us today. 

Similar to stand out wins last year , particularily against the Doggies, this game had a nice share of players in the Stats. There were  no fewer than 17 players with more than 15 posessions. Jordon Lewis had a stand out game; always great to see an older player showing the way. Bugg and Kent have been able to etch there way back into the side with both having a great game and also finish the leading goal kickers. Hogan was a hard man to mark for the Roos as we saw him provide big player pressure all around the ground including coming out of back half. Congratulations to all the players as it was a gutsy effort today and a well deserved win by all. No need to mention all the stand out players as there was not much between any of them today. If the 'team' can continue to work as a 'team' as they did today then the Dees will be able continue to finals footbal this year.

Come & Join Us @ the Paddo!  Good Crew - Good Food & of course a GoodWin......

def nth paddo 2018 go dees

Hello true believers,
After handing four points to the Cats on a plate in round one, our boys traveled to the Gabba  determined to make amends against the Brisbane Lions. With a blistering opening quarter of 5.4 (34) to  0.03 (03), the centre dominance of Gawn, Petracca and Tyson (great first quarter in his first game of the campaign) truly reflected the Dees  midfield superiority. As a target inside forward 50, Jesse Hogan was especialv
 lively with two first quarter goals.
The second stanza saw Dom Tyson tagged in an effort to quell his first quarter influence. This was an effective move for Brisbane for the remainder of the game but in doing so only served to release the shackles from Clayton Oliver who went on to become one of the dominant players on the ground.
Whilst the Lions hit the scoreboard with two goals in this period, the Dees also  added with goals to Jones , Garlett and Hogan (his third) to hold a thirty seven point lead at the half, 8.7 (55) to 2.6 (18)
The third quarter commenced with Beams and Rockliff starting to wield  an influence with Steph Martin  in the middle. Charlie Cameron and Allen Christensen  began to hit the scoreboard and with Brisbane adding 3.5 (somewhat inacurately thank goodness!! ) to Melbourne's 1.4 for the quarter, the siren sounded with the Demons holding a 24 point lead heading into the final term 9.11 (65) to 5.11 (41)
A poor miss at the beginning of the last stanza from Jesse Hogan saw a sizeable shift in momentum to the LIons whose direct attacks through the corridor of the ground  saw them draw level and the game was well and truly on.
With the challenge arrogantly  thrown at the Dees feet, it required some individual brilliance by Jeff Garlett ably supported by Nathan Jones and Clayton Oliver  to  steel the group and draw away to win by 26 points. The final score being 14.16 (100) to 10.14 (74)
The question still remains  in that whilst the boys won ugly, they were at one stage 42 points to the good and must learn to crush the opposition when the opportunity presents itself. Have they learned nothing from 2017(ie percentage?)
This week the boys will attempt to remove the stigma of 17 consecutive losses to North Melbourne at the "G" on Saturday 7/4/18 at 12.00pm WST.
The Western Demons call on all those whose heart's ring true for the red and blue to join us the The Paddington Alehouse, 141 Scarborough Beach Road MT HAWTHORN to view the match and share the relief of getting this irritating monkey off our back by handing this mob a fearful belting!!!
Look forward to seeing you all then
Yours Deesappointingly (somewhat)
The DEEscriber

2018 Mebourne deeliver in 2018 pre season     ( By 'The Deescriber' )

AFLW - Our ladies entered season two confident of making a strong showing and making up for the disappointment of missing out on a grand final berth in 2017 on percentage. After two gritty wins against GWS (6 points) and reigning premiers Adelaide (32 points), the girls dropped the next two fixtures against Fremantle (5 points) and Collingwood (32 points) to be 2-2 after four games.
With the season on the line, the team registered strong showings against Brisbane (6 points) and Carlton (35 points- this being their most impressive performance of the year to date). Sadly however, Mel Hickey sustained an ACL injury in the Carlton game which cut short her season in the cruellest of fashion. The ledger now read 4-2 with the ladies needing to beat the top side in The Western Bulldogs to make the grand final.
In an ironic replica of the first season, the team fell agonisingly short of victory by two points and again missed the grand final on percentage. The girls can be proud of their efforts in AFLW2 and we congratulate coach Mick Stinear, his assistants and the playing group for doing our magnificent club proud.
SUMMARY - It is significant to note that goal kicking inaccuracy plagued the ladies efforts all season. In the three games that they lost, they kept Fremantle, Collingwood and The Western Bulldogs  scoreless in the first terms but failed to generate sufficient scoreboard pressure themselves and in each game were overrun by the opposition. Some of the other teams, most notably The Brisbane Lions and Adelaide Crows seem to be  better drilled when delivering the ball inside forward 50 (ie lowering the eyes) and perhaps some concentration on this aspect of the girls' game prior to season three may see attacking opportunities maximised in 2019.
AFLX - The inaugural series of the AFL'S equivalent to crickets' 20/20 met with mixed reviews from players and fans alike. Even with our beloved demons winning " silverware" by  defeating Hawhorn by 10 points in the second series decider, the AFLS' boast that this abbreviated version of our game (ie seven a side and two ten minute halves) will be prominent in selling our game overseas is hard to comprehend given that physical clashes and high making are conspicuous by their absence. The long term future of this form of the game must seriously be in question.
JLT COMMUNITY SERIES - The  boys recorded victories in both their JLT matches by 53 and and 26 points over North Melbourne (now do it when 4 points are at stake!!) and St Kilda respectively. The Roos victory was an extremely even performance by all team members. Mature age recruit Bayley Fritsch  (taken at pick 31) showed that he is ready to play straight away with three opportunistic goals and the only down aspect was a slight calf injury to veteran Jordan Lewis He  was substituted at half time as a precaution. Against the Saints, Fritsch continued his impressive form and must be uppermost in selectors minds for round one whilst  Jake Melksham continued his sparkling AFLX form. Jesse Hogan looked extremely fit in gaining 21 possessions in all parts of the ground whilst reigning Best and Fairest Clayton Oliver inspired in a best on ground effort racking up 27 possession and most noticeably  2 goals.
ROUND ONE - The campaign kicks off in earnest on Sunday 25th March with a home game against the Cats at the "G" at 12.05 pm WST. As usual The Western Demons have organised a TV function to view the match at our spiritual home of  The Western Demons , THE PADDINGTON ALEHOUSE at 141 Scarborough Beach Road in Mount Hawthorn.
We call on all those whose hearts beat true for the red and the blue to wear your colours proudly and join the WA Demon Army at The Paddo in cheering the boys on to a memorable first round triumph.
Thank goodness footy is back!!! - See you at The Paddo on the 25th and GO YOU MIGHTY DEMONS!!!!!!!
Yours in deelightful anticipation,
The Deescriber 


Review from season 2017

Good morning True Believers,

Attendance at our TV functions was commensurate with the improving fortunes of our beloved Demons in 2017.

Whilst a turnout of 17 for Round 1's clash with the Saints was modest and the smallest we have in three years, the fact that the side was in finals contention right to the very end ensured supporter support stayed strong.

The failure of our team to make finals since 2006 should not deter from the fact that that our  total supporter turnout for 2017 TV functions  was 392 and we had surpassed our 2016 total of 308 by Round 20 (315). Our decision to hold a TV function over the last two years on the Queens Birthday is proving to be one of the years highlights as both games against "the old enemy" in 2017 attracted 25 supporters.

Other notable attended games were Round 2 Carlton (26),  Round 13 Western Bulldogs (30), Round 18 Port Adelaide (23)  and Round 21 St KIlda (31)

Your committee  is determined to make your TV function experience the next best thing to being at the "G" and we welcome your suggestions in respect of same as well as any ideas you may have in respect of fundraising activities we may undertake on the day of the match. We welcome all members and supporters to join in good fellowship each week during the season which always is enriched with a thumping Melbourne victory!!!!

Please note  that our AFLW team begin their season against GWS and then Adelaide on Saturday 3rd and 10th of February respectively, both at Casey Fields and commencing at 2.05PM WST. We have booked  TV functions for both games and cordially invite all whose hearts beat true to  utilise  these opportunities to exercise your vocal cords for what I am sure will be a huge year for both our teams.

In conclusion, may I take this time to thank all members and supporters that have supported our TV functions in 2017. We look forward to your continued patronage in 2018 and implore those who have yet to do so to be assured that you will be most warmly welcomed should you decide to take the "plunge" in season 2018.

Yours DEElightedly

Ian Mills - Western Demons TV Function  Co-ordinator.



Round 20 - Def By GWS  14.13 (97) to 10.2 (62)

Hello True Believers,
The guys made their way to Canberra on the back of yet another disappointing loss to North Melbourne and whilst our coach seems happy to disregard 17 consecutive losses to the Roos (since 2006!!!!!) as irrelevant the bottom line is this is becoming a real mental roadblock and must be addressed before our next game against them in 2018.
None the less the boys started the game in Canberra in lively style and jumped out of the blocks (finally) to score the first three goals of the match. Our midfield was making the most of Max Gawn's early dominance and our set up around stoppages early doors gave the Giants some early cause for concern until two freakish goals ( a banana  from  Stephen Coniglio  in the pocket and a snap  from Tom Scully which took an uncharacteristic offshoot through the goals ) sparked a run which resulted in a total of eight goals for the quarter and saw  the Giants highest first quarter score of 8.6 since the club's inception.
The Giants began to dominate centre clearances and became far more structured around stoppages and dominated contested possession. Melbourne struggled to break down their opponents press and failed to generate any sustained cohesion going forward trailing 10.7 (67) to 5.3 (33) at the main break.
Whilst the Dees managed to stifle the Giant's second use of the wind in the third term, they simply could not generate sufficient sortees inside forward 50 to make any worthwhile inroad into the Giant's lead and trailed by 45 points at the last change. With the opportunity to structure in such a way as to make the most of their final use of the wind, Melbourne inexplicably chose to short pass rather than kick long which the Giants were happy to allow them to do.
With Lewis, Vince and Oliver all posting plus 30 possession games and Nathan Jones in his first hit out back from injury racking up 29 the boys ended the day with a disappointing 35 point loss which considering GWS had a staggering 15 more scoring shots (Final Score 14.13 (97) to 10.2 (62), can be considered  flattering for the side to get as close as they did..
We cannot dwell on this performance as St Kilda's gutsy eight point win against the Eagles now sets up a mouth watering contest this week at the G with the winner likely to grab a top eight spot given there are only two home and away games after this coming weekend.
As usual The Western Demons will be holding a TV function at The Paddington Alehouse, home of sport live and loud in WA and The home of The Western Demons/Melbourne Football Club in WA at 11..10am WST ion Saturday 12/8/17.
We call on all Demon supporters to proudly wear your colours and come on down to enjoy WA's best pub grub, a selection of 141 Ales plus $10 cocktails and $15 jugs of the Paddo''s special Ale but most importantly cheer like you've never cheered before in a match which will no doubt determine whether the boys play finals in 2017.
Keep in mind that The Demons have their own Radio Show at 6.00pm on 91.3FM each Tuesday. Tune in to keep apprised of all that is happening with our beloved Dees  and The Western Demons .
Yours DEESappointed but not DEESpondant
The DEEscriber

Round 19 - Def By North 11.10 (76) to 10.12 (72)


 OOPS - That'd be 17 in a row to North. But what is a voodoo ? Only what you make of it.... We just have to remember that the Dees have had an awesome step up so far this year. The conditions at Tas' were certainly consistent with the ever reliable winds making it a 'Down the middle with the wind' and 'Around the outside into the wind' type of game. Often the ball was held up in certain parts of the ground for a scrappy tussle.. The 3rd & 4th quarters were a real grind though the Dees couldn't convert in the last with the wind advantage. At the end of the day ........ unfortunately North were just too good. WE OWE YOU ONE NORTH >>> SO BE READY !   Martin @ WD's - Just back from Tas' 

Round 18 - Def Port 13.10 (88) to 9.11 (65)

This was the interstate round hosted  by MFC. A great weeknd saw a couple of the Western Demons in Melbourne bumping shoulders with awesome Demon supporters from all over Australia.

Pre-game function hosted by the ever reliable Robbo at the The Sporting Globe Richmond. There was plenty of good grub topped off with a cameo appearance by the 'Angry' Vince. Bernie got a moderate taosting by Robbo which I am sure he really loved - Onya Bernie !

Then it was off to the G to take up the upgraded 'Reserve' Seats to enjoy a victory over Port. The biggest challenge for the day was beating the cold though that pailed into insignificance as the Dees did a courageous job of putting away Port. Great day complimented with a great game - Go Dees !


Round 16 - Def Carlton  14.6 (90)  to  12.10 (82)

Hello true believers,
There was a real sense of destiny as the boys travelled to the "G" last Sunday to do battle with a Carlton side that had pushed  the top side in Adelaide and fall short by two goals the week before.
We were however as seems to be the norm  in this campaign,  jumped yet again in the first quarter with White and Silvagni prominent for  the Blues and the Dees being well served in defence by Frost and Hibberd and Clayton Oliver back to his very best with 13 possessions in the first quarter. The side struggled to penetrate forward 50 however   and a  late first quarter goal  to Tom McDonald (what a revelation he is proving to be up forward) saved the side from total embarrassment. The guys trailed 4.3(27) to 1.2 (8) at quarter time and  needed to lift their game in the second term..
As if sensing a possible repeat of the effort against the Swans was imminent, the boys rallied and with Petracca having an impact in the middle, Neal-Bullen and Wagner (Chipped in with two DEElightful goals on the day) making  their presence felt the side slammed on six goals to three  to trial by a solitary behind at the main break, 7.5 (47) to 7.4 (46). Carlton's rotations were severely depleted with match ending injuries to Patrick Cripps (later revealed to be a broken leg) and Sam Docherty (knee) proving to be decisive in their fade out in the second half. Clayton Oliver was again in the news after a verbal altercation with a Carlton "supporter" in  the crowd.. He seems to be the target of much media scrutiny at the minute but at the tender age of 19 he will no doubt learn over the course of his footy journey to let his footy do the talking and not allow himself to be  affected by outside irritations.
The third stanza was a seesaw affair with Tom McDonald a strong making option inside forward 50 (finished the game with 4 goals), Neal-Bullen and Oliver strong out of the middle and Jordie Lewis utilising his experience across half back. Young Tom Curnow  was very prominent for Carlton in this term and tried desperately to lift his side(Is it just me or is he a dead ringer for Koutafides right down to the haircut?).  His effort did not go unnoticed and he was the NAB Rising Star nomination for the round.At three quarter time the Dees has managed to wrest the lead from the blues and led 11.5(71) to 9.8 (62) a margin of nine points.
Both sides kicked three goals in the final term with Carlton grabbing the initial momentum with goals  to Simpson and captain Murphy which gave the Blues a three point buffer. A further goal and behind to the Blues gave them what appeared to be the beginning of the foundation of a winning lead(10 points) but as our Demons have proved on many occasions this year the 2017 Demon is made of tough stuff and goals to Neal-Bullen ("Nibbler") and a great running goal from Melksham gave the Dees a two point lead. A mark to Neal-Bullen just outside 50 with a minute to go seemed to indicate the game was in our keeping but experienced advice from Jordie Lewis convinced Nibbler to use his 30 seconds  the kick to him which he did. Jordie then did the same to ensure victory was ours and the siren rang just as he was taking his kick with which he goaled sealing a scrappy,  ugly but none the less hard fought eight point win.
For a brief period (an hour) we were top four but were relegated to fifth after Port's big win. The team now visit TIO Stadium  to do battle with ladder leaders Adelaide. I seem to recall that they were top of the ladder when we embarrassed them on their own ground earlier in the year so the fact most scribes give us no hope only reinforces that they are poor judges and have equally poor memories!!!!
The Dees, whilst still undermanned in terms of key personnel face an Adelaide side who have never played at TIO so the humidity factor could well be in our favour.
The Western Demons will hold a TV function at the home of The Western Demons , The Paddington Alehouse at 141 Scarborough Beach Road Mt Hawthorn on Saturday, 15/7/17 at 5.40pm WST.
We invite all Melbourne supporters to attend, avail yourself of WA's best pub grub, $10 cocktails and $15 jugs of "The Paddo Special Ale" and best of all cheer the boys to yet another gutsy win!!
Keep in mind that Melboune's voice in WA , "The Dee Team" can be heard on 91.3fm Sports Radio each Tuesday at 6pm making all Demon supporters aware of the current happenings at The Melbourne Footy Club and The Western Demons.. The boys are hopeful of speaking to Melbourne and Carlton premiership player and now Perth Demons (WAFL) coach Earl Spalding ("The Duke"). Tune in for a ripping interview.
Until next week remember, there are only two types of supporters, those that follow Melbourne and those that wish they did!! GO YOU GOOD THINGS
Yours DEElightedly >>>  The DEEscriber

RND 16 DEF BLUES 2017 

20170709 155732

A great cliff hanger ! The Dee's managed get over the line with a side that had a lot of 'outs'. The team in it's current form has had to be very versatile and when the likes of Viney, Jones & Watts come back in they'll all be better for the experience.

Round 15 - Def  By Sydney   11.19 (85)  to  7.8 (50) 

Hello true believers,
With the euphoric afterglow of the magnificent triumph over the Eagles continuing to bathe all Melbourne supporters, we attended the "G" with a spring in our step filled with confidence and looking at our fifth consecutive win in a row.
It didn't take long for the boys to come back to earth with a thud as Sydney bounced out of the blocks scoring the first six  shots of the evening which luckily for us were all behinds. The side entered the game without Jack Watts (hamstring), Nathan Jones (thigh) and Jeff Garlett (hamstring) and although big Max Gawn returned it was apparent that four games in eighteen days had left the boys flat. An unbelievable brain fade from Tomas Bugg who struck Callum Mills caused a massive altercation involving players from both sides. Mills left the ground and took no further part and Bugg's subsequent report will see him miss the next six games.
Although the Swans continued to dominate all over the ground, they could not find the big sticks and whilst Melbourne struggled to get the ball past half forward their few visits inside forward 50 saw them score four goals and they led 4.0 (24) to 1.8(14) a lead of 16 points at quarter time, a far from true reflection of the first stanza.
The second term saw Sydney up the anti both around the ball and at the opposition and at half time they had held the Dees to a single behind whist kicking 4.7 themselves to lead 5.15 (45) to 4.1 (25) a 20 point lead.
Melbourne skipper Jack Viney did not reappear after half time and this gave carte blanche to the likes of Luke Parker, Josh Kennedy and Kieran Jack all whom had been outstanding up until the main break, to really turn the screws.
Without the hardness of Viney in the middle, the Dees were thrashed in contested possession for the first time this year and  trailed at three quarter time  8.16 (64) to 5.4 (34), a lead of five goals.
Whilst the three quarter time lead was manageable, the side were never really a threat as a lack of midfield impetus, dominant forwards and lack of forward line pressure (oh how Jeffy was missed!!!) saw the Swans cruise to a 35 point win and hand  the Dees its first comprehensive loss of the campaign. Thankfully the Swans inaccuracy flattered the boys however 11.19 (85) to 7.8(50) did not truly reflect the potential towelling we should have received.
The side will need to do a lot of soul searching before our next game against the Blues at the "G" on Sunday 9/7/17.
As usual The Western Demons will hold a TV function to view the match at The Paddington Alehouse, 141 Scarborough Beach Road Mt Hawthorn, home of sport LIVE AND LOUD in WA commencing at 1.20pm.
We  cordially invite all Melbourne supports to attend, partake in the best pub grub in WA, avail yourselves of $10 cocktails and $15 jugs of The Paddo's special ale and most importantly cheer to boys on to a much needed confidence boosting win against Carlton.
Remember that Dee Team Radio is firing away at 6.30 pm each Tuesday on 91.3 SportFM the home of grass roots sport support in WA. Tune in to get all the latest from the club and The Western Demons and see who this weeks special guest will be. The boys spoke with Demon all rounder Cam Pedersen last week.
That's all for this week. Look forward to seeing you all at the Paddo on Sunday, Go the mighty Dees.
Yours DEEterminedlly
The DEEscriber 

Round 14 - Def Eagles   15.9 (99) to 14.12 (96)

Going to take a few weeks to get the voice back I think. What more can I say ....... not a lot !

Some more pics below kindly provided by Michael who took some pics for us at the Paddo function. A great day and huge success !

 Western Demons June 2017 007

Western Demons June 2017 011

Western Demons June 2017 022

Western Demons June 2017 026

Western Demons June 2017 035

Western Demons June 2017 039

Western Demons June 2017 043

Western Demons June 2017 045

Round 13 - Def bulldogs  17.11 (113) to 8.8 (56)

Winners are grinners. This match provided us with the best four quarters for the season thus far. There were no less than 11 Goal kickers for the Dees. A great team effort !

DefBulldogsRnd13 2017


 Round 8 - Def Adelaide 17.5 (107) to 9.12 (66)

Hello True Believers,
They tantalise and tease, promise and then deceive so how can one possibly offer an explanation for  the boys' best performance of the year in maniacally hunting both the opposition and the ball en route to a convincing 41 point victory at Adelaide Oval on Saturday night. Was it Bernie Vince's 200th game or the news that Jesse Hogan had been diagnosed with testicular cancer (and by the way, all
Demon hearts and thoughts are with Jesse and his family for a full and speedy recovery)that provided the stimulus but either way, why does this football club consistently need a reason to win????
The game commenced energetically enough with Melbourne displaying a frantic desire to be competitive to such an extent that the first goal was not scored until the 20 minute mark with a clever snap from Eddie Betts.
The Dees would have been well pleased with their first quarter effort however the Crows managed to get off the leash in the early part of the second stanza and with "Tex" Walker being particularly prominent, established a 28 point lead which threatened to blow out to a more substantial advantage. Enter Thomas Bugg who took the bit between his teeth, kicked two clever clutch goals which wrested back momentum and saw the side enter half time less than three goals in arrears .
Positional moves were made at the long break, the most pivotal being Christian Petracca to the middle (Memo Goody - Any chance he could actually START there against North?) and Tom McDonald to the forward half. These two moves proved to be a remarkable catalyst with Petracca dominating, McDonald snagging two goals, Pedersen drifting forward to kick three for the match and Bernie Vince in a best on ground performance completely blanketing Rory Sloane, restricting him to 11 possessions for the game. Such was the Demons dominance that they scored 13 goals to three after half time to win 17.5 (107) to 9.12 (66).
The match was an opportunity for the side to grab a big scalp (especially on their own dung heap!) and the boys' certainly grabbed the it with both hands. The question now is can they back it  up against North who have proved to be one of our "bogey" sides in recent years.
Once again The Western Demons will hold a TV function at The Paddington Alehouse at 141 Scarborough Beach Road in Mt Hawthorn on Sunday 21/5/17 at 1.00pm WST. Melbourne supporters can avail  themselves of the best pub grub in WA, jugs of "The Paddo Ale" at $15 and cocktails at $10. We invite all Demon supporters to attend and help the team grab a much overdue victory against a side that has revelled in dishing out hidings to us in the past. "ITS PAYBACK TIME"
Remember to keep in mind that "The Dee Team" radio show airs at 6.00pm on 91.3FM on Tuesdays so take time to tune in and keep up to date with all the happenings at The Western Demons and The Melbourne Footy Club.
See you at the "Paddo" (The home of sport LIVE & LOUD in WA) and GO THE MIGHTY DEES!!
Yours with much DEElight
THe DEEscriber

Round 7 - Def by Hawthorn 14.10 (94)  -  14.7 (91).
Hello True  Believers,
After despatching one of our bogey teams in Essendon by 38 points last week , Melbourne supporters travelled to the "G" confidant the side could extend the Hawks misery in 2017.
The match against Hawthorn was our annual Pink Lady fixture (Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation - Please donate on 1800 500 258) but is so often the case with our team when it comes to embracing expectation, the script did not go to plan!
The Hawks jumped the Dees in the first quarter with their experienced campaigners in Roughhead, Breust,McEvoy and Hodge inflicting early pain and helping the Hawks establish a handy  quarter time lead of 27 points (5.4 to 1.1).The second stanza became more of an arm wrestle with the Dees working manfully to try and work their way back into the contest. Jack Viney worked tirelessly to lift his side in a welcome return to top form and Nathan Jones was his ever reliable self although even he along with his teammates was guilty of turning the ball over way too often.
With the Dees facing a half time deficit of 29 points, drastic changes needed to be made. "Goody" threw Jayden Hunt forward and Christian Petracca moved into the middle in an effort to generate consistent midfield impetus. The moves proved to be inspired as Hunt kicked two early goals whilst Garlett grabbed three for the quarter. Momentum had swung Melbourne's way and by three quarter time, the deficit was a single behind (11.7-11.6) with the game up for grabs.
Both sides threw caution to the wind in the last quarter with the only difference being the polish and composure of Hawthorn coming to the fore as opposed to Melbourne's frustrating habit of turning the ball over under duress. At the final siren, our boys had  suffered another  heartbreaking loss by three points. Final scores Hawthorn 14.10 (94) to Melbourne 14.7 (91).
This week we travel to Adelaide to face the Crows who will be in no mood to grant Melbourne any favours especially as the Roos embarrassed them last week. It is however, an opportunity for the Demons to grab an impressive scalp just as St Kilda (GWS) and Gold Coast (Geelong) managed to achieve the week before. We will really see what this playing group is made of this week.
As usual The Western Demons will hold a function at The Paddington Alehouse  - 141 Scarborough Beach Road Mt Hawthorn on Saturday 13/5/17 at 5.40PM WST. Please make every effort to attend as our boys need our support more than ever plus you have the opportunity to avail yourselves of the best pub grub in WA. Western Demon supporters can also take advantage of $10 cocktails plus jugs of "The Paddo Ale" at $15.
Keep an eye out during the telecast for own very own secretary  Joan Lawson who has gone to Adelaide for the game and will be making sure the Cheer Squad behave themselves!!!
See you at the Paddo on Saturday night when the Mighty Dees send the rest of the competition a frightening message that the phoenix is rising.
Yous DEEterminedly
The DEEscriber

Round 5 - Def by Rich 12.16 (88) to 11.9 (75) 
Hello True Believers,
As we settled down to view our crucial game against the undefeated Tigers, Melbourne supporters were no doubt puzzled at the omission of Dean Kent and the failure to promote Cam Pedersen after a 29 possession effort at the lower level the week before. His versatility would prove to be a much missed commodity in view of what was about to unfold.
The first half was played at a cracking pace with both sides trying their best to handle the greasy conditions. The Tigers ability to lower their eyes and look for a teammate when in possession kept them in the contest whilst the Dees butchered the ball and gave our forwards little opportunity by blasting away and hoping that we could snaffle a big grab. Never the less the game was up for grabs at the long break with Melbourne holding a slender six point lead (7.6 to 6.6). Melbourne looked like they may be up against it  in the second half as game ending injuries to Spencer (shoulder) and Smith (ribs) early in the contest severely hampered the Dees bench rotations for the rest of the game.
The second half commenced with contested possessions almost equal at 93-85 (in Melbourne's favour). Goals to Garlett and Hunt saw the Dees open up a 19 point lead which was reduced to 20 only after Grigg (Richmond) missed a set shot right on the three quarter time siren. The Tigers had managed 35 inside 50's to three quarter time however the floodgates opened in the final stanza with them amassing 25 inside 50's for the term, Martin broke his shackles(he had been well held to this point) and with  Riewoldt continuing his fine game (6 goals), Richmond scored 5.5 to 0.2 to overrun a gallant Melbourne and secure a 23 point win. Final scores were 12.16 (88) to 11.9 (75). Michael Hibberd's 25 possession effort for his first game for Melbourne was most noteworthy.
The Demons led in all statistical categories and had 60 more possessions over the course of the game  yet failed to convert that dominance  into scoreboard pressure to secure the victory.
It is of some concern that the Dee's have now been overrun in the last three weeks in games where they held sway however their lack of composure and poise under pressure has been startling. It is significant that this lack of composure has coincided whist we have been without the stabilising influence of Jordan Lewis in the back half. He will be back this week and will be sorely needed as we face another of our recent "bogey" teams in Essendon at Etihad Stadium on Sunday at 11.10am WST.
As usual the Western Demons will be holding a function at the home of sport -LIVE &LOUD- in WA - The Paddington Alehouse at 141 Scarborough Beach Road in MT HAWTHORN. Be sure to make it a date to enjoy WA's best pub grub, the state's finest assortment of beers and demon supporters can enjoy cocktails at $10 and jugs of 'Paddo Ale" at $15.
Keep in mind too the next edition of "The Dee Team". our very own radio show for the Melbourne Football Club airs at 6.30pm next Tuesday May 2  on 91.3fm. Be sure to tune in and catch all the latest with our beloved Demons. 
Until next week remember there are only two types of supporters, those who follow Melbourne and those who wish they did!!! -- See you at the Paddo on Sunday!!
Yours DEEtermined,
The DEEscriber

Round 3 - Def by Geel 20.6 (126) to 13.19 (97) 

Hello True Believers,
I think I can confidently express what all Demon supporters are thinking after Saturday's game when I say "How can you lose a game by five goals when you should have won by ten?".
The game started in lively fashion with the Dees being somewhat slow in their defensive transition and whilst they had sixteen inside 50's (2 goals) to Geelong's ten (5 goals) their inability to convert would be the story of the day. The second quarter set the blueprint for the result of the match as big Max applied a tackle which appeared quite innocuous however he left the field with what was thought to be a knee injury. It turned out however, to be a hamstring and the initial assessment appeared to indicate no tendon damage but a later diagnosis confirmed that this was not the case and surgery beckons for the big man(Jake Spencer your destiny beckons!!!). Jack Watts took over the ruck mantle  and was magnificent in his efforts. The Dees kicked 5.7 to 4.00  for the quarter however the seven misses to Smith, Jones, Harmes, Stretch, Weidemann, Kent and Petracca were all set shots inside forward 50 which had they been converted as they should , would  have set the team up with a match winning lead.
In the third quarter the Dee's continued their domination but found it difficult to establish any real break to give themselves a chance of victory and held a meagre three point advantage at three quarter time.
With the game up for grabs, the finals hardened players in Dangerfield, Selwood, Motlop and co asserted their poise and composure on the contest to lead Geelong to a six goal to one last quarter and a 29 point victory. Final scores were 20.6 (126) to 13.19 (97). A stark and disappointing story of ruthless efficiency as opposed to woeful wastefulness in front of goal.
The boys can ill afford to dwell on the result as they face a Fremantle side this week at the "G" buoyed by their first victory of  2017 against the premiers.
As usual The Western Demons will hold a function at The Paddington Hotel at 141 Scarborough Beach Road in Mt, Hawthorn home of sport LIVE & LOUD, With jugs at $15, cocktails at $10 and WA's best pub grub what better way to celebrate the Easter break. The game commences at 11.45 WST on Saturday 15/4/17 and we urge all Demon fans to make the effort to attend and cheer the boys on as they put these WA upstarts in their place!!
We also encourage and look forward to your listening company to our very own radio show "The Dee Team" at 6.00pm on 91.3fm each Tuesday. Guest  on 11/4/17 will be Dean Kent. Don't Miss it!!
Until next week , see you at the Paddo
Yours DEEsappointed but not DEEScouraged,
The DEEScriber

Round 2 - Def Blues 13.8 (86) to 9.10 (64)

Hello True  Believers,
After the euphoria of the sides' Round 1 victory had subsided, buoyant Demons fans travelled to the "G"  to see if the boys could "back it up" and start 2017  at 2-0 for the first time since 2005, however someone forgot to give the Blue's a copy of the script!!
A young Carlton team were very disciplined in applying their press against the Dees to such an extent that it made it extremely difficult to execute the style of footy the side wished  and subsequently the boys were forced to try and pick holes in the Carlton defence in order to move the ball forward. This forced the team to over use the football and by half time Melbourne had amassed a whopping 90 more disposals than their opponents.
Three quick goals to Carlton in the third quarter enabled them to grab a nine point lead and with that a shift in momentum and composure.  However,  similarly to last week the boys rose to the challenge in the last quarter to wrest back the initiative, steady, and kick on to record a 22 point victory with final scores being 13.8 (86) to 9.10 (64).
Best players for the Dees were Christian Salem (mopped up everything that came his way with poise and polish), Clayton Oliver (whose 35 possession effort backed up his equally efficient round one performance), Nathan Jones (who was instrumental in turning the tide with his remarkable level of consistent display) and Jeff Garlett (who played his best game for the Dees, grabbled three crucial goals and whose forward  pressure was supreme).
It would be remiss of me at this juncture not to congratulate the Melbourne Woman's Team on a wonderful inaugural season  and on behalf of all Melbourne supporters congratulate Daisy Pearce, Elise O'Dea, Karen Paxman and Melissa Hickey in particular on their selection in the AFLW All Australian side.
Also we remind everyone that our game against Carlton was in aid of The Reach Foundation (instigated by our beloved and much missed Jimmy Stynes) whose aim was to assist ALL Aussie youth to strive to be the vey best they can be. If you can,  please denote $11 by texting 11 to 0455 021 021 and in doing so help big Max to continue the foundations great work.
This week the team will face it's first big test to date (with respect to Saints and Blues)  when they meet Geelong at Etihad  on Saturday 8/4/17 at 2.35pm WST. As usual the The Western Demons will meet at the home of sport -LIVE AND LOUD- The Paddington Hotel at 141 Scarborough Beach Road Mt Hawthorn so come on down and join like minded supporters in cheering on the Mighty Dees to our third win of the campaign. With jugs and cocktails at $15 and $10 respectively for all Western Demons supporters and the best pub grub in WA you simply cannot afford to stay away!!!.
Remember that The Dee Team  hit the airwaves at 6.00pm each Tuesday on 91.3FM so be sure to tune in for everything that is happening at the club and with The Western Demons.
Till next week - If you cannot make the MCG, the Paddo's the next best place to be!!
Yours DEElightedly  - Ian Mills 

Round 1 - Def  Saints 18.12 (120) to 13.12 (90) 

Hello true believers,
Welcome to the first match report of the 2017 season. No doubt even the most fanatical Demon supporter would have made the trek to Etihad Stadium wondering if our boys could finally break the ten year hoodoo of losses against the Saints by winning only our second game in 27 visits to Etihad.
At quarter time, the spectre of defeat appeared to loom large as the Saints jumped the team yet again and stablished a 23 point lead. Whatever "Goody" told the side at quarter time certainly needs to be bottled but part of address would certainly have included an 'eyeball" of the team's leadership group. The side responded with real grit as Nathan Jones, Jordan Lewis and Jack Viney lifted their performances to maximise the dominance of Max Gawn at centre bounces and stoppages. The boys started to get numbers to the contest and the likes of Petracca, Oliver, Brayshaw, Stretch and Vince began to have a real impact on the match.
In fact such was the dominance of the Dee's that they kicked 13 goals to 3 from quarter time to three quarter time.
Football supporters irrespective of their club allegiance held their collective breath when Saints champion Nick Reiwoldt went down early in the last quarter with what appeared to be a season if not career ending injury but later scans thankfully showed no structural damage.
The final siren brought blessed relief to long suffering Melbourne supporters with the team running out 18.12 (120) to 13.12 (90) winners.
We need to back up this effort against Carlton in our next game at the "G" on Sunday 2/4/17 at 1.20WST.
The Western Demons will hold a TV function at the home of the mighty Dee's,  "The Paddington Hotel at 141 Scarborough Beach Road Mt Hawthorn. Jugs are available at $15 and cocktails at $10 for all Western Demon members and mouth watering meals at great prices are also available..
We look forward to an ocean of red and blue at the Paddo next Sunday as the boys strive to notch win number two and advise all Melbourne supporters that the club has its very own radio show, "The Dee Team" at 6.00pm on 91.3fm Tuesdays. Tune in to keep apprised of all that is happening at the club and with The Western Demons.
See you at the "Paddo" next Sunday!!!
Yours DEElightedly,
Ian Mills


On a recent cruise I managed to get the Captain of the Voyager of The Seas to hold up the Dees scarf. Security said he was only taking pictures with passengers who purchased fairly expensive wine packages. I managed to talk him into holding the scarf after a bit of good humoured banter. But wasn't able to get behind the table with him. The first photo I am trying to convince him while the wine buyers waited, he had a bit of a laugh and then said Melbourne!! a lovely place. At least you can see my Western Demons shirt if not much more of me. I think the effort was worth it in the end. Our traveling group said only you would try that Harper.

Cheers Greg








* From all of us at the Western Demons : "We never doubted you our beloved Demons."


A very successful and enjoyable time had by all at the pre-game function for Round 18 V West Coast. The function was held at the Western Demons favourite haunt , the Paddo in Mt.Hawthorn. We would like to thank the Paddo who provided us with a fantastic venue, great food plus good value drinks to boot. We would also like to thank the staff at MFC and the Demon Army whos contributions always make the games in Perth a memorable occasion.  Guests from MFC included Robbo, Craig Jennings & President Glenn Bartlett. A successfull day that also included a free bus trip to and from the game. Good feed back all round and great value for money - don't miss out next year !

20160723 112547

20160723 112711


Greg the president presents the best on ground award for the 2015 Perth game; as nominated by the Western Demons to Daniel Cross.

20160722 123947


The boys during lite training session.

20160722 122216

Get 'em while they're young !

20160722 121923

Couple of the lads

20160722 122716    20160722 123440

WESTERN DEMONS DONATE  $100,000.00 !! 

Greg, the Western Demons President, was able to attend the Foundation Heroes Function in 2016 and represent the Western Demons for significant fund raising efforts since inception in 1992.

President Glen Bartlett welcomed everybody and made mention of special guests and recognised the Western Demons for their significant contributions over the years of $100,000.00.

During the evening Greg was able to talk with our sponsored players Dean Kent and Ben Newton who both thanked us for our continued support.

All in all a great evening & special thanks to all Melbourne supporters in WA who's contributions made this possible.

ROUND 9 @ The Paddo

Good times ahead ! (Melb 19.17.131 Def Lions 9.14.68)

20160522 134714

ARTICLE : Curse Of The Life Long Demon.

An article kindly bought to our attention by Graham at the round 8 game function. He recommends it as a good read !

PLEASE READ  here   ( Written by Joseph Ryan for Inside Football )

ROUND 6  @ Etihad

The boy from Scarborough bagged 7 in a Valiant effort.

Demon Army Etihad rnd 6 2016

ROUND 5  @ At the 'G'

Some photo's provided by Martin who was fortunate enough to be at the ANZAC game.

20160424 215759

horsmen at The G

An amazing panorama of the ANZAC tribute at he G

The G Anzac Panorama

ROUND 3  @ The Paddo

A lot of yelling but we didn't quite bring home the bacon.

Dees V Roos 2016 Paddo

ROUND 1 @ The Paddo

 Always good to kick off the season with a win ( Melb 12.8.80 def. GWS 10.18.78 ).  

Round One 2016 Def GWS 1

Round One 2016 Def GWS 2








THE SEASON's END - By Ian Mills  

The season has seen a number of unwanted "monkeys" off our back beginning with our first Round one win since 2005 (Troy Broadbridge Memorial Game), collecting our first wins against Geelong (2006) and Collingwood (2007- incidently holding the "old enemy" to it's lowest score against the Dees of 7.14 since 1988) and FINALLY the Etihad curse is no more, tasting success in Round 23 against GWS and farewelling Daniel Cross in his final AFL game in the manner he so richly deserves.

Whilst some comfort can be taken from the above, the year does represent a wasted opportunity to consolidate our rise in the AFL pecking order. There is some thought that an increase from four wins in 2014 to seven wins this year is solid proof that the club has improved and whilst this is encouraging, true improvement must be gauged by a significant decrease in the difference between our best and worst football, which is unfortunately still substantial.

Also we still have not displayed an ability to beat those sides around us on the ladder as losses to Essendon, Carlton and St Kilda (2) in 2015 indicate the club still has some way to go in this area.

From our functions perspective we managed to arrange joint functions with the Richmond, Essendon and Hawthorn supporter groups and thanks go to their respective committee's for their co-operation in this regard. The Essendon TV function was especially pleasing as it raised $300 towards the fight against Motor Neuron Disease which as we all know has struck a favourite son of both our clubs in Neale Daniher. We urge all Demon supporters to continue to support Neale and all sufferers of this horrendous affliction in their quest to defeat the "Beast".

Remember, we are FIRST, we are FOREVER we are MELBOURNE!!!!


Below - A belated 2012 Gordon Jones trophy presentation to Jack Grimes.


Below - 2014 Gordon Jones Trophy recipient - Bernie Vince.



Below - Lynden Dunn really does not like doing signatures......

( one of those shots - gotcha. Bring it to game day Lynden !) 


Below - Jesse gives his prediction for the 2016 season. 




Oh what a feelin! Some of the West Dees at the Paddington Ale House  



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